Harrogate Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms in Harrogate, Ripley Castle

Welcome to our Escape Rooms. We pride ourselves on the quality and experience all our rooms provide.

Each challenge is designed to be 100% fun and we promise there are no actors or claustrophobic spaces, they are just full of enjoyment for all friends and family.

Choose from: Crack The Enigma, Save Ripley, Defuse The Bomb and Cryptic Chase

Take yourself back in time to WW2 and complete a variety of missions in hope of cracking our Enigma. This room is not an easy challenge and will test your memory, physical and team work skills. Good Luck.

Indoors (Inside Ripley Castles Games Room)

Difficulty 4/5

Suitable for groups of 4 - 8 people

Cost: £25pp

Sir Thomas has been taken hostage and we need your help to Save Ripley.  Beware, his study is full of old tricks and hidden treasures that are not the easiest to complete.

Indoors (Inside Ripley Castles Map Room)

Difficulty 3/5

Suitable for groups of 4 - 8 people.

Cost: £25pp

Our Agent has gone missing and all we have left is his locked brief case. The bomb is ticking and you have 60 minutes to get inside the case and retrieve the de-activation codes.

Outdoors (Ripley Castle Estate)

Difficulty 3/5

Suitable for groups of 4 - 12 People.

Cost: £15pp

A Live For Today Classic, navigate the grounds and find 12 Markers in the fastest time. At each marker is a puzzle for you to solve. Can you make it to the top of our leader board?

Outdoors (Ripley Castle Estate)

Difficulty? It's up-to you, take in the views or race the clock. 

Suitable for any group size (Big or Small)

Cost: £10pp