Halloween Activities

Night Time Activities - Limited Time Only

Still the same fun, just in the Dark!

For a limited time only, we’re so excited to be opening our most popular activities in the dark.

It’s something we’ve wanted to do for many years now and trust us when we say it’s pretty special. Experiencing these activities in the dark adds a complete new dimension to the activities.

Our evening events will start at 6pm and last for a full 3 hours. During this time you will be split into separate groups to experience the following:

Night Time Quad Biking on our best 450cc Quad Bikes. The track will last for a full 20 - 25 minutes and you will head deep into the woods, you thought the track was fun in the day, wait till you do it at the night.

Spooky Shooting is the name of the game on our fully lighted rifle range. We have a mixture of new targets for you to shoot including Penny Wise, Zombies, Pumpkins and so much more.

Defuse the Bomb 2.0 is brand new to our Hazlewood Centre and we’re offering a limited chance to do this in the dark. Night Nav will be required and then when you’ve found the bomb you need to disarm it. Our defuse the bomb 2.0 is a huge upgrade the original and proves to be a real challenge.

Of course during your time we’ll be keeping scores and announcing the best shooter and quickest defuse the bomb team on the night. Refreshments and hot drinks will be available on site to keep you going.

Please note, this is more focused on night time activities and although we put a fun spin on with the Halloween side of things it’s not designed to be scary in terms of live actors and jump scares…..that’s for next year!

Night Quad Biking

Dark Woods, 450cc Bikes and Muddy Corners at the ready.

Air Rifle Shooting

Pumpkins, Ghosts, Zombies and more. How many will you shoot?

Defuse The Bomb 2.0

Night Navigation and Disarm Skills Required. Will you beat the clock?

Early Bird Special

Currently £69pp
  • RRP: £75pp
  • Duration: 3 Hours (18:00 - 21:00)
  • Night Quad Biking - 25 Minute Ride Time
  • Night Rifle Shooting - 50 Minute Shoot Time
  • Night Defuse The Bomb Shooting - 45 Minute Challenge
  • Minimum Booking: 2 people
  • Minimum Age: 16 Years
  • FREE Parking
  • Locations: Hazlewood Castle (LS24 9NJ)

What To Expect on the Night

After booking you will receive a confirmation email with all the details on how to find us and where to park. We have plenty of free parking onsite.

We ask that you arrive around 15 minutes before your session. On arrival you’ll be asked to fill out a quick disclaimer and then be told your timings for the activities. We will mix up on the evening the order in which your activities take place.

All the activities take place outside and in the woodlands.

We recommend you dress up warm for the activities, fancy dress is also 100% welcome (and encouraged). Please just make sure that there are no dangling items for on the quad bikes.

Night Activities with Live For Today

Frequently Asked Questions

What about the weather?

Our activities will run the same as during the day and we ask you to wear clothes for the occasion. Please note our rifle range is under shelter and we can provide overalls and gloves for the quad biking. 

Is it ok for beginners?

Yes, 100%

All our activities (including these) are suitable for first timers. Our brilliant instructors will make sure you’re comfortable and in safe hands at all times. 

Is it Scary?

This year we are playing on the fun element of halloween and adding fresh targets to the ranges etc. There are no live actors or jump scares etc on the track, however the woods are still very creepy in the dark. 

Can I book a single activity?

This is for all 3 activities only. You are more than welcome to sit out of an activity if you wish and have a hot drink at reception. 

Our Halloween Location

Leeds / York

Hazlewood Castle
Paradise Lane
West Yorkshire
LS24 9NJ

T: 0113 3230180