Defuse The Bomb

Outside Escape Challenge, Harrogate, Ripley Castle

Can you "Defuse The Bomb" in less than 60 minutes?

Get Outdoors and race against the clock as you try and stop our bomb from going bang.

Our agent has gone missing and his case has all the codes and answers to defuse the bomb. The clock is ticking and you must navigate the Ripley Estate to piece together the clues and open the case. This is not an easy task as our agent was very paranoid and placed multiple locks inside the case to protect his codes.

During this challenge we will split you into 2 teams and provide you with Walkie Talkies and clip boards, the rest is up to you.

Working together with good communication skills is the only way you will succeed.


High Tech Bomb

Custom Built purely for Live For Today and very hard to beat.

Scenic Views

There's no better back drop than Ripley Castle as you hunt for clues.

Brain Games

Think outside the box and work in teams to solve our Cryptic Puzzles.

Book "Defuse The Bomb"

  • Duration: 60 mins
  • Difficulty: 3/5
  • Minimum Booking: 4 people
  • Maximum Booking: 8 people
  • Minimum Age: 8 years old
  • (Under 16's must have an adult each to join them)
  • FREE Parking
  • Locations: Ripley Castle - HG3 3AY

A Good Inventive way of having fun!

'Thoroughly enjoyed our experience. We were a family ranging from 12 years old and upwards'

Cryptic Clues

Family & Friends

Team Building

Stags & Hens

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